Thursday, December 16, 2004


Jay and the recent events over at his house really got me thinking about women. No not like that get your mind out of the gutter.

I am no body builder, but I have always been tough. I have kicked the shit out of a number of guys in my time, and I have had the crap knocked out of me by a few, but I digress so back to the topic. When in life did we as women decide that men were the enemy and we had to prove that we are better than they are? I long for the days that men open the car doors for the ladies, or offered them their seat in a crowded room. I don't really think it is the men that have changed, but women. We have decided that we are capable of doing everything ourselves, we have decided that we will not be the weaker sex. A man tries to show a few manners and we back away like they are the plague. We have trained them that we don't want to be treated as anything other then equal at every turn, but what I ask is wrong with a little chilvery? I love it when Steve carries the heavy stuff in the house for me, and I love it when one of my boys holds the door open and say "Ladies first". I like the fact that my husband tells my boys, "get up and let your mom set there". I find it very attractive when a man can hold on to those values in a world where there are women who refuse those very values. I will continue to raise my boys to open doors for other people, and to offer their seat to a lady, and open and close the car doors for the women in their lives, and to treat a woman like a lady, even if she wants to be treated like a man. I am Steve's equal, I can do anything he can do, but I am also smart enough to know that it is just as good for his ego to let him take care of me as it is for mine that he wants to.

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