Monday, December 06, 2004

Busy weekends

Man I am glad the weekend is over! Saturday the boys I can't drag out of bed on a school day, were up bright and early at a little before 7. They were excited because Granny and Grandpa were coming to town, and for them that is almost as good as Santa coming. We all got ready and met them at the mall. When we first got there Colton started yelling "GRANNY, where are you Granny? Grandpa." as loudly as he could. We found grandpa first and all the boys hugged him and then Colton looked around and said "Where's my granny?" I think he would move in with his granny if I would let him. So we shopped and shopped and ate lunch, and before I knew it the day was over, it was almost 3 and David had a birthday party to go to, and mom and dad wanted to get on the road before it got to dark and the deer got thick along the highway. We took D to the party and then we went over to Kmart to do a little shopping. Well we were strolling along and who to my wondering eyes should appear, yep good ole Saint Nick himself. Cam went over and talked to him and got some stickers and some candy canes, but Colton latched on to me and said, "That is not Santa that is some guy in a costume." Well I am rolling on the floor, because we had just been to the mall earlier and Santa lives at the mall. Colton waved to that mall Santa and was all gung ho to go talk to him, but the line was a mile and a half long, so I will take him during the week when no one else is there. Anyway back to the "fake Santa" he tried to give Colton some candy canes and that child backed away like he was being offered poison, he wouldn't even take the candy Cam got for him from the fake Santa, he didn't want anything to do with him at all. Then it was time to go get David and we picked him up hurried home, and had to go to Steve's Christmas party, which sucked, the food was good we had prime rib, but I could have found something a lot better to do for 5 hours! I think that comes from having separation issuses. I don't like leaving my kids, in fact I have left them with a babysitter maybe 5 times in their lives since I started staying home with them. I will leave them for a few hours with Steve and go to the store or something like that, but I don't enjoy leaving them with a sitter. Sunday David had a hockey game and then we came home and put up the Christmas lights outside and the snowman, then we watched some Christmas specials with the boys, had dinner and went to bed.

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