Sunday, December 19, 2004

It has been another crazy weekend.

Wow Friday I had the meeting with the school. I met with the teachers and the principal. They are getting David all kinds of tests done for learning disabilities, and they are getting him some extra help with his writing, because writing is really difficult for him. After the testing is done we will all review the findings and decide the best course of action. They better have a really good game plan, because if they don't we will have another sit down and include the super intentent of schools, and if that doesn't work grandpa said something about lawyering up and getting shit taken care of! I still didn't get what I wanted to hear from the teacher, she still won't come in and give him any extra help. They went from saying things like ADD to now David is always tired and lethargic, which is a load of crap I have never seen him act lethargic. So that is just baffling to me how they can all of a sudden say one thing and then change it all up when the Dr. says he wants a detailed letter of why they think that. So that is where I stand with the school right now. All I know is that I will be there so much now that they will think I am on the payroll. It is sad that you have to supervise your child's education, when I was younger that would never have happened. I don't know what parents who have to work do to make sure their children are getting the best education possible. After that meeting I got to go to Cam's Christmas party that was fun, they exchanged gifts and did some other fun stuff. Mom came to town to watch Colton for me and then we went shopping.

Steve, me and the boys went shopping last night. David reminded me that I told him I would give him some money for doing some thing around the house and he wanted it last night. I asked him why he needed it right now. He said "I want to get my brothers their Christmas presents." He is such a sweet baby! So I got him his money. I gave him 20 bucks, and him and I started looking at toys. He was looking at some of the things he wanted and I was waiting to see what he would pick. He grabs this one car thing, and I said you want to get them that?

D: "yeah"
Me: "ok"
D: "Well no mom I really want that not my brothers. I want to get them something they really want."
Me: "Ok honey you just get them whatever you want to get them."
We go around the comer and there is that singing elmo. David looks at me and says,
"mom Colton really wants this a lot. He even asked Santa for it, do I have enough?"
Well it was a little out of his price range, but he was putting his heart into this gift giving thing. He wanted to be sure he made his brothers very happy how could I tell him no? So that is what he got Colton, then we walked around looking and found rock em sock em robots. Cameron has asked for that several times, and David remembered so that is what he got Cam. He loves his brothers, sometimes I wonder if my boys even like each other and then one of them does something like that and I know that they really do love each other!
Today is hockey and then mom and dad are coming to get David so he can spend some time at their house with them over the break.

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