Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Christmas morning

The boys were all nestled snug in their beds, but they were restless. David was sure that if I didn't get in bed Santa would surly skip our house. Finally 2 hours later they were asleep, and the Jolly fat man did indeed stop at our house. I was made aware of his visit at promptly 3 am, when the light in my bedroom was flicked on and David began yelling "he brought me a digital camera! He really got it for me." and Steve saying "I told you he wouldn't last much past 3." I coaxed him back into bed and we dozed for another hour and a half and then I gave up and we got out of bed and rousted everyone else out too. Mom and dad were here and they showed up at our house just as we were getting out of bed. They stayed in a motel, because my house is tiny. One day we will finish the basement and it won't be so tiny. So we all are making our way into the living room and granny and grandpa were coming up the stairs when it happens. Colton see his stuff sitting on the couch, and the only thing he notices is that there is no damn singing elmo, the only thing he has asked Santa for. Well David has already gotten the singing elmo so Santa couldn't bring the stupid thing, so being the most wonderful big brother on earth David starts tearing through the packages under the tree until he finds the right one. He then takes it over to Colton who is now crying real tears in grandpas arms, and he says "here Colton open this one I got you the singing elmo Colton don't be sad." and all was right with the world again. I am not sure Colton will ever trust Santa again, but he has more faith in his brother now. They got so much junk I don't even have it all put together yet, and I need stock in batteries. They got Leap pad and books to go with it, they got a v tech smile and games to go with it, they got scooters, and roller blades, and games and trucks, they got more stuff than they will ever play with. The big hit was David got a boom box for his room and his digital camera. Cameron got his scooter, and Colton got a plug and play spongebob video game, I know I said my kids would never have them, but maybe I can get the computer back now! I am off to lay down I have a migrain again. I will try to blog hop tonight and check on you all. Hope your christmas was as great as the boy's had.

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