Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oh what a weekend

David got a hat trick! Woohoo, well actually he scored like 5 goals in one of his games this weekend. I was such a proud mom! He did great. He had a total of 8 goals in 4 games, and got a trophy which he wants to put a picture of on the blog so my friends can see it. I told him I would get one of him tonight when he is in his gear. He is so proud of himself, and he was really excited because everyone came to watch him play. His Aunt Deb, Uncle John, Grandma Sherry, and Granny all made it to most of the games. He has decided that he could play for the AVS right now, and I told him he could play for them right now, because they are not even playing! I had planned on getting him tickets to an AVS game for christmas, damn NHL ruined that didn't they! Oh well there is always next year. I don't know what I will do next year I think all 3 of the boys are going to play. I will be busy busy busy.

I got an appt. to talk to just about everyone at the school on friday. They better be really nice to me or I am going to get really mad. I am off to the store I have to get bells for Cam's class. They are having a party on friday and will be doing the Polor Express, should be fun. I hope that the meeting is over by then!

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