Friday, July 23, 2004

Where has the summer gone?

We had to do our walmart thing last night, and I hate going to walmart. The employees seem to get more bitter everytime I am in there. Anyway that is not what my post is about, I only bring up walmart because they have school supplies out already. Everywhere you look there are notebook, pencils, erasers, and every other thing the child going back to school needs. What happened to the summer break? It is almost over, and I am no where near ready for the boys to go back to school. I enjoy having them home with me. I enjoy the freedom to go anywhere we want, and I enjoy being able to grab them in my arms and squeeze them anytime I feel the need. I treasure when they run in hot and sweaty from outside and jump into my lap just to tell me they love me. I hate the quiet when they are not here with me, I hate not being able to see them and know they are ok. I hate the fact that they have to go to school at all. I know they have missed their friends, and are looking forward to going back to school. I know that I need them to go to school so I can have a little bit of quiet time. I just miss them when they are not close to me, at least the baby isn't going to start school yet. I still have one more year until he has to go.

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