Friday, July 16, 2004

I am just not in the mood.

I have been in a mood yesterday and today.  I just don't even want to leave the house.  I actually went back to bed this morning and just go up.  So I didn't feel like cooking last night and took the boys to popeyes chicken.  The girl comes on the speaker and says, "We are out of red beans and rice, and corn on the cob."  So I go ok well give me your 8 piece meal with mash potatoes, you have mash potatoes don't you?"  "Yes we have mashed potatoes, so you want the 8 piece meal, with what side item."  "Mash potatoes."  My oldest then says "mom she is an idiot!"  "Yes honey you shouldn't make fun of people, maybe she has some sort of illness and just can't help it."  So we pull up to the window and she is there, she slides the glass back, and says "We are out of wings and legs, is it alright if we give you thighs?"  "Yeah that is fine"  I was in my pissy mood and this was just making it worse.  She takes my money, and then we sit there for about 10 minutes, cause apparently they had to kill some chickens to get the thighs, which makes me wonder why the hell they couldn't of just cooked up the legs while they were at it, my kids like the legs.  So finally she gives up our order, "I went ahead and put napkins and spoons in there for you."  I looked at her and so much wanted to say something rude and hateful.  I had to just drive off before I went off.  I should of just stayed home!

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