Saturday, July 10, 2004


It should be a day to sleep in right. I think someone forgot to tell the idiot that lives behind me that people don't get up at 6 am on Saturday morning, and we are in the city limits so we have noise laws. He is over there fixing some kind of race car, and from the sound of it he must be putting a jet freaking engine in the damn thing! I don't flipping mow my lawn at 6 am, and if I did you can bet the cops would be at my house seconds after I started the mower, but that is just the kind of luck I have. I would of sworn he had the car parked under my bedroom window it was so loud. I am not an expert on jet engines, but I am pretty sure that revving them up full throttle for a solid hour and a half can't be good for them. I think the sound of it just makes him feel manly or something, because the vrrrroommmm vrrrrrooommmmm vrrrooooommmmmmmm didn't stop long enough for the guy to even add a quart of oil. I seriously thought about getting the 9mm out and shooting holes in his radiator, but I didn't want to be hauled off to jail in front of my boys. So tonight I will just teach the boys the value of revenge, and sugar his gas tank.

Ok some links of the day for you people to look at.
funny stuff I borrowed this one from Ren.

This one is just flat porn, so if your offended by that sort of thing don't click on this link. This guy likes to pay for sex and then blog about it.

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