Wednesday, July 28, 2004

It is raining.

Rain falls and the world is peaceful. It makes the days cool and my mind lazy. I sit and watch the drizzle and think about nothing. I hear birds chirping as they search the soggy ground for worms, fluffing their feathers against the chill. The air is as motionless as my mind. The moments when my thoughts are silent seldom come, and I treasure these rare times when they do. The times when the jumbled confusion ceases and there is only blank space, to fill with the wonders of the world. The moments of tranquility rarely last, and my mind soon jumps into overdrive asking all the questions that have no answers. I long for those answers that do not exist. For a few minutes there was peace within, there was silence of the soul, when I did not question I just listened to the rain.

Ok now everyone needs to go to the forum and post a story! Come on people get over there and play the story game! It is fun. Collin posted the new words today and you just have to make up a story using the words! You don't have to register to play just post your story as a guest if your not a memeber. You can even use an assumed name if you don't want us to know who you are. Please Please Please come and play with us! It is all about the fun, and I know there are a lot of great writes that can come up with a lot of great stories so come on and show us what you can come up with the more people that play the more fun we will have!

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