Thursday, July 15, 2004

Well again I don't have pictures.

I went to the rodeo, took out my camera focused on the cutest butt I could find, and the damn batteries were dead. I knew they were low before I left, so I stuck some new ones in the charger. Do you think I remember to put them in the camera bag. Well anyway I will recap the event for you weather you want me to or not, because well because this is my blog!

First up was Bareback Bronc, this is one of my favorite events!
There were nine sexy cowboys trying to stay in the saddle and 6 of them managed to come up with scores for their ride.
Nate Graves of Kaycee, Wy ended with an 83 tonight tying with Casey Gale of Riverton Wy. Dennis Foyil of Guthrie, Ok took an 80 for the night. Zach Dishman a Beaumont boy, yeah that's Texas held his 8 seconds to score 76. Andy Bolich of Bozeman, Mt held on for a 73, and Zach Curran of Arvada left tonight's event with a 68. Beau Ledoux, my favorite this year, ended up looking at the underside of Junkie, the horse he drew for this go round ending in a no score! Don't worry Beau there is always tomorrow! If anyone can tell me who Beau is related to you win the prize.

Calf Ropings top score went to one of the top calf ropers around Stran Smith. He flipped that rope around that calf, jumped off his horse, and tied her down in 9.5 seconds, now that is the way you rope a calf! Stran is a Texas boy, Childress Tx. Those Texas cowboys are always good with the ropes.

Saddle Bronc was a little slow tonight, the horses just were not giving the cowboys a good ride. The top two rides were both Wyoming boys. Mo Forbes went away with an 84 and Will Berg ended with an 81.

I missed Steer wrastlin cause the boys had to pee and I had to smoke.

Team roping leaders tonight were Ty Blasingame and JW Borrego with a 5.3 second time.

The ladies were on there game as well, Karen Turek of Ft. Collins, Co took the lead after her run tonight with a time of 16.61.

Now the event you have all be waiting for! yeah I am talking about those big bad !brahmas, ok for non country people that's a bull.
Bryan Richardson was just awesome. I have seldom seen a ride that good, and then to have a score to reflect that was just great. Oh yeah he got a 90 for that one! Man that boy could stay on that bull, I am still just amazed by that ride. He was truly amazing. One of my favorite bull riders Colby Yates ended the night with an 82.

Ok I will leave you wondering what the hell I am talking about with all this scoring lets just leave it at this I was not the one scoring. I was on my best behavior

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