Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Home sweet home!

Oh what a trip. Really the trip to Grand Junction was pretty good, the boys didn't even fight to much. We got the GJ and spent Friday shopping for food for the anniversary party we had for my grandparents. The Sams club here has premade meat and cheese trays, veggies trays, and fruit trays, do you think the one in Junction has them? Well you would be wrong cause they don't. We had to buy all the stuff and make the tray ourselves oh the fun! My sister didn't get in until 11pm, so we were all up late Friday night and got up early to get the hall decorated. So we had the party and it was really good all the family showed up. So Sunday was the 4th and all, so what was left of the group, about 15 of us went to the baseball stadium to watch the fireworks. This is something I will never do again. We dropped all the people off at the gate and went and park the cars. Well the closest place to park ended up being 3 miles away, which was fine until the fireworks got over, they did a wonderful job with those. So the drivers, one of whom was me, had to hike this 3 mile trek while 12 people waited at the gate for us. Well that stupid town had all traffic blocked off back into the stadium! We couldn't get back to our people, so we bribed a traffic cop and he finally let us go through after driving around for half an hour, and hiking 3 miles to the cars. That was a fun night for sure! So Monday rolls around and the group decides we should have breakfast out. Well everything went well at breakfast until my cousins husband locked his keys in his car, this is a sign of just how smart he really is, I was impressed by this show of ability! Well we wanted to get on the road to Denver so we left them after dad decided the antenna they twisted off the car the cousins borrowed from his mom, wasn't going to help. We got on the road to Denver, with big plans of shopping and playing, boy were we wrong. Never, I repeat never go over Eisenhower tunnel on a holiday weekend. It took us 6 hours to make a trip that usually should take 3. The traffic was at a stand still and when we did get to move it was 5 miles an hour. So there went the shopping, stupid damn people can't go home on a Sunday no they have to wait until I want to get over the mountain! So we got to Denver at like 9:30 pm, the kids can't swim, we can't shop, and everyone is cranky. We got a motel and went to bed. We had a great day today though. We went to the aquarium, and then my sister, who loves the Broncos, had never seen the new Field so we went over and took her pictures with the horses and she wandered around the stadium for like an hour or maybe longer, I lost track of time as I was baking in the sun and trying to keep the boys out of the fountain! Then we headed home. I am so glad I am home, were there is no traffic, and no people. Missed you all and now I am going to go blog hopping!

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