Monday, July 12, 2004

Since we were talking about cowboys.

My great grandaddy was a Texas cowboy, back before I was ever born of course. I never got the chance to met him, but the list of cowboys in my family has gone on since then. My mom dragged me and my sister to rodeos from here to Canada and back again. I have been to the stampede in Calgary, Cheyenne frontier days many many times, and every one inbetween. I take my kids now, and they all 3 want to be cowboys. I have always had a love for horses, and there is nothing in the world that I would love more than owning about 50 acres and some horses for the boys. Sadly the life of the true cowboy is becoming a thing of the past. Cowboys use to spend more time in the saddle, rounding up their cattle, breaking horses, riding the range. Now days you see them doing it with 4 wheelers and helicopters, but as long as there is rodeo there is still hope of keeping the spirit of the cowboy alive. Tomorrow is parade day, which kicks off fair and rodeo week here, yeeeeehaaaaw I love the rodeo!

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