Friday, July 09, 2004

Some special advice.

This is for you women who feel hurt and upset when your sugar butt forgets those special little moments in life, like your birthday and anniversary. Quit feeling sorry for yourselves,buck up for Christ sake he is only human! Yesterday was Steve's birthday, he was out of town, and when he called instead of wishing him a happy birthday we had a big ass argument, but what's new we seem to be doing that a lot lately. Then this morning I remember yesterday was his birthday, and birthdays are a big deal with his family. To me they are for the kids, I mean sure it is nice for people to remember, but I don't get all bent out of shape if they don't. So now when he comes home tonight in his pouting, pissy mood, because we are fighting, he will always have hurt feelings, because I don't care enough to remember things like that! Good grief maybe they will just send him on another job and he won't make it home this weekend!

My weekend is free and clear, my wish was granted they sent him on another job woooohooo. Now I will go and get him a birthday present from the boys and that should make up for it!

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