Saturday, July 10, 2004


Yeah I have this thing for them. You all think it is their nice butts, and their good at, well stuff. Those are valid points, but let me tell you why cowboys are the sexiest men around. I went to get dog food tonight, and I go to the feed store to get my dog food, because it is cheaper there. There I am with my 3 little boys, trying to keep an eye on them, and get 2 35 pound bags of dog food, cause I have 3 big dogs. I suddenly here "Let me get those for you." thinking it was an employee of the store
I turn around to see it is not an employee oh no it was Mr. Cowboy. Oh he was yummy, with the biggest brown eyes peeking out from under his hat, and yeah he had the butt too. He stood there smiling, and at that moment he could of had anything he wanted from me. I politely told him it was ok I could manage, but you see cowboys are gentlemen he wouldn't take no for an answer, he grabbed up my dog food bags and took them to the counter for me. Then this sexy man waits for me to pay, we made small talk and the boys asked him if he was a real cowboy, and he teased them about roping sheep and they giggled. I though he was waiting in line to make his purchase, but the cashier gives me my receipt and he grabs up my purchases and carries them to the car for me. I was telling him the whole way that I could get them and he insisted the whole way that it was no trouble to help out a lady in need, little does he know he left me in more need than he found me! I thanked him for his help, and I am sure I had that look in my eyes that said "take me here and now." He said it was no problem at all wished me a good night, and walked off to get in his Dodge truck! Oh man I am hanging out at the feed store every flipping day now. Yeah cowboys are yummmy.

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