Thursday, July 22, 2004

6 years ago

I was in labor with my oldest son, the contractions started at about midnight, but they were only about ever 30 minutes and weren't very bad. They stayed like that most of the night and through the day. My mom came into town and we went shopping and had lunch, and by about 4 the pain was a little stronger and about 15 minutes apart. Steve was at work so we stopped by to let him know that I hadn't gone to the hospital yet. I didn't want to go to the hospital at all, I figured that I could have this baby at home and it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I still don't think it would of been that big of a deal, but no one else shared my feeling. Me and mom headed home and the contraction got really bad and were about 7 minutes apart. Steve came home and they dragged me off the hospital despite my protests. I go in and the nurse checks me, if you have not had a baby this consists of someone jamming their fingers, or a baseball bat, I am still not sure that wasn't what she was doing, in the same place this baby wants to come out. She tells me I am only a 3 so I still have lots of time. I decided I want a malt and onion rings, don't ask cause I don't know why. Steve called his mom and we met her at a restaurant. So we are sitting there and I am doubling up every 4 minutes at this point, thinking I am not going back to that hospital. So there is my mother, my mother in law, and Steve all staring at me, which is really just pissing me off at this point. There was a lot of anger in me and it just got worse, I just wanted to go home. I expressed myself very eloquently to my husband, I think it was "Take me the fuck home now and make them stop staring at me or I will kill you." Yep they hauled my butt right back to the hospital. This time the Dr. came in and says "we are going to break your water, but your in for a long night". He inserts this tool that looks kind of like an orange peeler, and fluid gushes from my body. The nurse takes me to a birthing room, the Dr. says he is going to go home and call when I am ready. Well not 5 minutes after he walks out the door I am ready. They can't get ahold of the Dr for some reason or another. All these nurses are hovering over me, trying to get me to lay down, and telling me they need to check me. Well I don't freaking want to lay down, and I really don't want them shoving that baseball bat at me again. I want to go home. So after about 10 minutes of fighting me I bow to their wishes just so they will shut up and leave me alone. Now there are about 10 nurses on shift and I am the only one giving birth so they all come in my room for the excitement, which just makes me angry. They have placed my legs in the stirrups and they are poking and prodding at places I really don't want them poking and prodding at,I tell them I want drugs and they keep telling me they can't give me drugs it is to late for that, and then I hear in a hushed voice she is crowning. I was thinking so what's the big deal someone get down there and caught my baby. They all thought they needed to wait for the Dr., whom they finally got a hold of and was on his way. Then I hear "Well he just left his house." I say "well where the hell does he live in Douglas?" which is about 50 miles away. "Oh no he just lives on the other side of Paradise Valley, honey he will be right here." I live on that side of town I know it takes 15 minutes or longer to get to the hospital and I told them to get someone else, but they didn't care what I thought. Well at this point I can feel the head of my child trying desperately to get out and I have 15 people yelling at me not to push, don't push? I am having a freaking baby that is how you get it out by pushing, and they don't want me to push! So 15 minutes of them screaming at me "breath don't push" and me wanting to slap them all the Dr. Arrives, but he doesn't come right over and grab my baby, no this man with his over priced medical degree has to change his cloths. For what I paid he could of bought enough new cloths to last all year! When he decided to come and take a look, he says "oh yeah the head is almost out." DUH! He tells me "ok you can push" thank God! It only took once and there was my baby. Happy Birthday little man, I love you so much!

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