Saturday, August 13, 2005

We're not in Kansas anymore Toto!

This is where my mom lives.

About 5:30 I received a panic phone call. "Jenn are you guys all right there?" "Mom? Yeah we are fine what is going on?" "We just had a tornado." "Mom are you guys ok?" "We are, but it was bad really bad."

In the little town of Wright, Wyoming, where everyone knows everyone else and you can still depend on your neighbors to lend a helping hand disaster hit and it hit with a vengeance. Over 40 families lost their homes, 2 people are confirmed dead, 1 is still missing, and over a dozen were injured. The homes that were not completely destroyed are severally damaged, windows broken out, siding blown away, roofs damaged, landscaping gone, and the list of damage gones on. The alert system went off seconds before the twister struck and there was no time for people to evacuate their home before they were picked up and throw to the winds. The tornado ripped through a trailer park picking and choosing homes to take with it. Many people were left with nothing, no family photo's left, no little hand prints of their childrens school days, none of those important papers that everyone keeps, everything they owned is gone. These people will pick up the pieces and they will carry on, that is what they have to do, but no one will forget the wrath mother nature delivered them on that tragic August day.

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