Monday, August 22, 2005

Mass murder.

The little bodies lined the highway, there must of been 500 mangled bloody masses in a mile stretch. I thought it must have been a cult much like that of Jim Jones, but instead of cyanide in the cool aid, these little creature choose running onto the highway as their form of suicide. The tires made an awful crunching sound as I drove over body after body, but I had no choice every inch was covered with blood, guts, and bones of the poor little bunny rabbits. I see dead animals along the road everytime I go somewhere, that is just how it is when more wildlife than people live in your state, but man I have never seen that many dead rabbits all at once in my life. They coated the whole road on both sides of the little two line for about a mile, and there were bodies on top of bodies, some smashed up flat others bloated and swelling. All you could see was blood and fur, no black top at all. It was almost like they were having a big gathering and choose to set up right in the middle of the road. It actually creeped me out having to drive over them and the sound it was making just added to my unease. I just keep thinking "please don't let me have a flat right here in the middle of all of this", because that is the kind of luck I have. I didn't thankfully!

It is getting colder at night and the animals go to the road to warm up, because the asphalt holds the heat. We saw 6 raccoons, 2 badgers, about 10 deer, and thousands of rabbits dead along the 90 miles stretch from my house to my moms. We saw a few live rabbits, lots of deer, and a live badger trucking down the road. If you have never tangled with a badger don't they will kick your ass. They are the meanest critters alive and they don't give up they will chase you for miles. One chased us down the middle of the highway I slowed way down so the boys could get a good look at him and Colton thought that he just wanted a ride. He really wanted to kill the van I am sure. He was still chasing us when I sped up and I could see him in the rear view mirror for quite sometime. I am sure his stupid ass is dead along the side of the road by now chasing cars will only lead to demise! We did manage to get to Wright in one piece and we made it to the fishing tourney.

We had a good day, I actually took a nap after we got done at the pond, and mom took the boys swimming. All the boys were sad because we had to leave granny. They all cried. I think they were scared to leave her there because of the tornado, they actually got to see all the damage. It looks like a bomb went off, you have to see it to understand it that is for sure. I know the boys were just scared if they left granny there another tornado would get her.

and now to quote Dr. Suess "Today was good, today was fun, tomorrow is another one." goodnight.

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