Thursday, August 18, 2005

Riddle me this.

I have questions that I am sure no one can answer for me... lots and lots of questions.

Why is my television plagued with infomercial? I pay good money for television and after midnight that is all they put on infomercial. I find the price of cable outrageous considering that they are getting paid by me to have it in my home, then companies actually pay to have their commercials viewed by millions during prime time, and now all freaking night with the infomercial that someone pays them to put on my TV. I should have free freaking cable if all that is the only crap I get to watch after midnight.

Is Rob Thomas awesome cool or what? Ok that isn't really a question that is more of a statement. He is, you can just take my word for it and go purchase his CD. I have liked Matchbox 20 for awhile. I mean really they sing my theme song, Unwell. I swear he wrote that one especially for me somedays, but his solo album is just way good.

Why are my children so selfish? D man abandoned me and went off with his grandparents. Oh no it isn't like mom isn't sitting here missing him or anything, he just goes off only thinking about his happiness... I was teasing him before he left and he looked at me and said "mom you should just be glad I have grandparents who love me enough to want to take me home with them." I really am glad, because mom and dad are important people in all 3 of the boys' lives. I am thankful they love them, because that is all the boys really want to be loved and spend time with those people that love them.

What makes naked swinging so great? Colton went out the other morning just before our short trip to Colorado, it was early morning. I could hear him outside and it woke me up. I crawled from the bed to the back door peered out and there he was naked as the day he was born swinging away. I was to tired to ask him what he was doing, so I made my coffee. He came in a short while later, stretched his arms above his head and said in a gruff voice, well as gruff as a 4 year old can get, "Oh yeah, just doin' a little naked swingin'." He was grinning from ear to ear like it was the best way to start the day. He is always happy, maybe I should try it out.

If my dog barks at the back door long enough is the deck going to magically rebuild itself? They have finally gotten to the back side of the house with the siding and we had to take the deck off the house. Doc stands at the door and barks and whines because he can't go out that way now. It is driving him insane, and he is playing with fire, because I am already over the edge. We may have Doc stew by the first of the week if he doesn't knock it off! Stupid spoiled dog anyway, if he didn't think he was in charge around here he might get it through his head that I can't put up a new deck until they get the siding done! I keep telling him and I know he understands me, he just wants it now now now... I would throw my shoe at him, but he ate them. I think he needs to go see a shrink and work out his issues, because if I don't have any shoes how does he expect me to build the deck?

Where do Cam and Colton expect me to sleep? They are taking up my whole bed. How can 2 little people require so much room in a bed anyway?

Just a few things I have pondered tonight, because I am a thinker. Yep always thinking I am... I think I will go to bed now, I might even sleep. I would go get in their bed, but they would just track me down.

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