Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It's all good.

Mom and dad are doing well, and the rest of the town is holding it togethers. Fema came and assessed the damage and now all that needs done is for the President to sign it. There are 91 homes that are not livable, and in a town the size of Wright that is a lot of homes. The thing is there are not 91 other places for these people to live. Many of them will have to move out of town.

Mom and dad are coming tonight so mom and I can go see Alison Krauss tonight. Grandpa is going to watch the boys for me. I have great parents don't I! It always makes me happy to know that they love my kids so much!

This weekend we will go to Wright and celebrate Wright Day's. We go almost every year, this years it will be a little sad, but I am sure that everyone needs the break for all the worries.

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