Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My sister and my aunt make me laugh until my sides hurt!


Just a quick update this morning, the FEMA team is still here, they declared this a disaster area along with Barbara Cubin and Enzie then the declaration has to be signed off by the President. If he agrees, the people with insurance could get rent money and up to $5800, people without insurance could get rent money and up to $10800, the SBA will come in and people can apply for a low interest loan. They set up a fund at the Credit Union up here, guess people from all over the world are sending money!!! There was 91 total uninhabitable homes!! The state highway department is hauling debrie (mobile homes) out at no cost and Black Thunder Mine opened a pit to put the debrie in. The Red Cross, BLM, Fire Department, and EMTs are all still here too, people are finding other peoples personal property as far away as 5 miles!!! The town has set up a lost and found and I guess there are 5 tables full so far. Our damage feels small when you look at the others losses. Anyway we are doing ok and the town is pulling together. Of course there was one man at the town meeting last night that made a complete fool of himself!!! Screaming and cussing and wanting answers, like it was the fault of the officials that we has a tornado, always one in a crowd!!! The laws hauled him out about half way thru the meeting!!! Will check in later, love to all!!!!


Hey there,

Well, at least it sounds like they are trying to do something – sounds like people are really trying to help each other out. Are you meeting with your insurance guy today?
The jerk at the meeting probably had minimal damage – usually the way it goes!
I saw that Barry was quoted in the Casper paper on Saturday – probably the first person in history with all his teeth to be interviewed after a tornado. In Oklahoma, when we have tornadoes, it always hits people who don’t have any teeth….at least those are the ones they always interview!!!


That is what I told mom when she said that CNN and Good Morning America contacted her and she turned them down. You should have never turned them down because they will find some in- bred idiot with no teeth that does not speak proper English and that is how everyone will think people in Wyoming are half retarded. She would have at least combed her hair!!
Maybe it was for the best though because they would have asked her what did you do when you saw the tornado and she would have told them they just kept eating dinner that would have been worse than no teeth and curlers!!! People would then know they are half retarded.
Mom next time (hopefully there will not be one) takes shelter in the bathroom or an interior door. I know you thought better than that.

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