Thursday, August 25, 2005

Well this is what my house is looking like now. See the lovely new windows. I put those in with dad, and our nice new front door, oh yeah and it isn't that ugly yellow house anymore! Woooohoooo for that! We still have to get the facia cover up and a few odds and ends, but it is so close to being done!

Remember thisfrom yesterdays post. Thank God I don't have to pull into the drive way and see this anymore! I am so happy I could dance, if I knew how to dance I would, oh hell I am dancing who am I trying to kid!

I am going to get some white shutters to put around the windows and mom and dad got us a really nifty thing that holds our house numbers, now as long as I can keep everyone who visits outside so they don't see the mess we have in here, and my ugly brown carpet, and the horrible linolem in the kitchen, and...

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