Wednesday, March 02, 2005

It may all fall apart around me.

Well it may have started with a day, but I think it will turn into one of those years! The pump went out on the wash machine half way through a load of clothes. Then while I was down trying to fix the washer I noticed that the hot water heater is leaking and making a lovely sizzling with every drip as it hits the pilot light! Now the computer is making an annoying noise coming from the fan motor, and I am not even attempting to fix it nothing good can come from that at this point, and as if things couldn’t get worse I had the meeting with David’s school today.

I met with the Occupational Therapist first and she had some visual motor control issues when she did her realm of testing. He is having some tracking things going on and she said it is almost like he is looking out of one eye and then the other and they don’t work together. I don’t really find that strange in the least as I, myself, have never had eyes that focus together, it only creates problems for me when I am watching a 3D movie or trying to do one of those poster that were so popular back in the 90’s, you know the ones that are suppose to become something if you stare at them long enough, never have been able to figure those out. So I need to take him to the eye Dr. specialist guy for that, and of course our insurance doesn’t cover that particular eye Dr. at least on the eye coverage, I may luck out and get it under medical. The bottom line of her tests were that David is average or low average and does not qualify for any special treatment from her. She was really a nice lady though, and gave David a pencil gripper and a neat little book marker that has a color strip on it and said to try other things like that to see if they help.

Then we get to the meat of the whole realm of tests that they put D through, and guess what he is to smart for their programs, but yet he isn’t keeping up with his class. The psychologist, a very nice man, said that if I get a Dr. to label him ADD that they can get him into some of the special medical needs programs they have going on. He did say I did not have to have him on any medication to qualify just have the diagnosis. Pretty much I could take my pick of any mental conditions really, but the bottom line is that if they can’t get the funding to put him into any of these programs then he can’t go to them and the only way for them to get the funding is from him to have a made up medical condition that they lump children into when there isn’t any other answer. They didn’t tell me that in so many words really, but I am smart enough to get to the bottom line all on my own.

I feel like I am left with two choices I either get him diagnosised with ADD so he can get the special attention he needs, the one on one stuff that he isn’t getting in class or do nothing and he struggles through the rest of his academic career. Basically I am no closer to an answer than I was before. I will keep reading some of the studies I have looked up on this box to see where other parents have turned. I have found some very interesting articles to ponder.

Oh and my little D scored a 100% on his math assessment today. He excels in math and hockey!

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