Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nanny 911

I was clicking channels on the TV, something I very seldom get a chance to do as the kids seem to always be in control of the remote. Well I come across this show Nanny 911, anyone seem this?

First off it made me very thankful for the children I have. My kids get a little rowdy, they are rough and tumble boys, and sometimes it gets to wild in my house, which creates a me having to yell above their noise to get attention. Here is the deal once I have their attention they listen, they do what they are suppose to do. These kids on this show are over the edge wild and don't seem to listen to their parents at all. The lady was actually encouraging her 3 year old son to pee outside in the street. I was as shocked about that as the old bitty, I mean the nanny.

Ok that was about as far as I can go with agreeing. Apparently the mom, dad, and 3 kids all slept in the same bed. The nanny put a stop to that, which I can see her point to an extent. It is hard to sleep when there are 5 people in one bed. I have ended up moving to the bottom bunk of the boys' room many times, but the nanny acted like it was some crime for children to climb into bed with their parents. Children that young have nightmares or they get sick and they want to be close to their mom. What is unhealthy about that? As a mom I have climbed into bed with my kids more than once because they were sick, and it was the best way for all of us to get some rest. If one of them has the croup you can beat I am right next to them with my hand on their little chest making sure each breath is just right. So moving on the mom jumped onto the top bunk and was going to read the oldest a story the nanny had a fit telling the mom and dad just how "unhealthy" it is for a mom to do that. That is when I wanted a sit down with the nanny. The mom was fully dressed, the kids had PJ's on there was nothing sick or sexual or strange about it. She was just a mom wanting her child to know that she loved him. Most nights I prop the pillows up in the boys' bed the four of us snuggle in and we read a book together, then we talk awhile and I squeeze them a lot before I leave them to get their nights rest. I see nothing strange or unhealthy about loving my boys and wanting them to be aware of the fact that I love them. I see nothing "unhealthy" about reading to your kids either. The only thing I see as "unhealthy" is the fact that the nanny wanted a mother to let go of her babies, in a world where children already have to grow up to fast.

and just for the record if I am ever in the state that Terry Schiavo is in I do not want to be kept alive. I told David that tonight while we were watching the news together and he promised me that he would let me die, althought he did say "Well I won't shoot ya or anything, but I'll let the Drs. do it."

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