Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Another season comes to an end.

Yes David's hockey season is officially over. Last week we had his awards night, and now we have more pucks and trophies that I need to find a place for. He likes to display them for the world to see. He got a trophy for the season, they give every child who plays hockey one, and then he got his first goal puck and his hat trick puck, a USA hockey hat trick patch that I now have to find a "hockey jacket" for him to put it on, and an outstanding sportsmanship award. Now we are doing spring 3 on 3 hockey through our ice rink. He likes playing the 3 on 3 because it is more like having a game everytime you play.

I was discussing sports with one of my very good friends today, and discovered that there is nothing better than watching a group of kids play something they love to play. At David's age they really are not that interested in winning or losing, sure they love it when they win, but the one thing they really care about is playing, and having a great time. They quickly lose their innocents and winning becomes what is important after awhile, but right now watching them get out there and play for the sake of playing is awesome. I will miss watching hockey over the summer. I will miss cheering when David makes a goal, and I will miss when he comes off the ice saying "Did you see that goal mom it was awesome. I smacked that baby right in the net." or even the days when he didn't get a goal and says "man that was a fun game." These days won't last long, pretty soon it will be all about winning, but I am going to treasure these moments and remind him that once he played just because he loved the game win or lose.

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