Thursday, March 24, 2005

Children and Art

"Let's go into the sculpture gallery" the well dressed lady leading the group of pre schooler's said.

The children all in the most perfect single file line proceeded quietly behind her. She stopped in front of this mesh type contraption arranged on the floor.

"What does this remind you of?" she stated excitedly. That is when I knew I should grab Colton and wait in the car for Cam's class to finish up the tour. All was silent as these 3, 4, and barley 5 year olds studied the mass of "art" before them.

and that was the start Colton found his voice "It's junk." he says as loud as he could creating a echo for the rest of the gallery to here. The lady tried to ignore him but anyone who knows Colton understands that once he says something everyone will listen, and she went on to ask "does it remind you of a river?" "NO" states Colton. Well I was laughing so hard I couldn't even make my way to the front of the line to get him. A few children said yeah it kind of looked like a river, and she just kept on question them "What do you think these look like?" she said pointing to holes in the "art", and my logical little man say "They are holes." "Yeah they are holes she said, but if it was a river what would they look like?" "It's not a river it's junk." Well the thing was suppose to look like a river and the holes were suppose to look like rocks in the river. Then she asked "Would you put this in your house?" "No way" said Colton. I don't think he was very impressed with the "Art" and to be perfectly honest I hope the artist has a day job because I am not really sure myself who would want a big mesh river in their living room. I was just glad when the tour was over and we got to move on to the discovery zone. Colton got to finger paint and create some real art, the kind I love putting in my living room!

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