Friday, March 11, 2005

It had been a very sad week.

I remember Sarah as a cute little girl, who was always smiling and happy. Her and her family sat with us at our AFHL hockey games, both their family and ours held season tickets. She must of been 8 or 9 back then. I have not seen that family in years, but I would read things in the paper about Sarah's fight to wrestle with the boys, not that kind of wrestling people! She was the first girl to become All American in Wyoming. Then Monday I log on to my homepage to read about her once more. She was 23 years old, just a baby, who went off to college to make something out of her life.

The sadness doesn't end there. One of my favorite singers
Chirs Ledoux passed away wednesday.

On the lighter side of things:

I went in all last week and helpped David with his reading. He said he likes me to help him. He wants me to always go to school with him. I am having to take Colton to Kid's works, and it is costing an arm and a leg to have him there, but I don't have anyone else that can watch him.

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