Monday, March 07, 2005

Ear infection, lost data, and the stomach flu!

Well we just returned from the Dr. Cam has double ear infections. He gets them quite often so I may have to get an appt. with the ears, nose, and throat Dr. to see what can be done for that. This morning I woke up with stomach cramps that would rival labor pains, not those beginning labor pains, no the ones you get just before the baby's head starts popping out, you know the ones you feel over your entire body. I thought I might be dyeing and then the throwing up and all the other stuff you do on the toilet started. That is when I started wishing I would die! I hope the boys don't get this stomach bug, because it comes with a headache and body aches, and lots of bathroom time.

On a happier side note I managed to lose everything on the computer this weekend. I was having a phaser error something on line something for about a week, and I tried every fix on ever message board to no avail, and then ran across about 1000 messages that the only way to fix it was a reformat and a reinstall of XP. So I did a quick backup of all my important stuff, address book, favorites, saved email with all my passwords, that kind of thing. I wasn't really worried I had my backup and I would be able to retrieve everything just fine. Well I got everything back up and running, hard drive all cleaned up, and slide in the back up CD. That is when I wanted to cry I got this nice little message "corrupt disk" so I lost it all after all. So I have not addresses, I can't write to anyone, but my mom because she is the only person I have memorized! If you actually like hearing from me every now and then send me an email so I can put you back in my address book!
We are off to pick up Cameron's meds for his ear. I forgot my purse so we had to come back for it.

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