Thursday, March 17, 2005

Your getting sleeeeeepy

Watch the swaying of the clock and listen to my voice, I am going to take you back way back in the past relax and close your eye. You only here the sound of my voice. Now let your mind take you back, a little farther, no still farther, no no stop oh you missed it!

The mid 80's, you remember them? Well I tried for years to forget, but then Heather goes and brings it all up again. I would have been about 11 just little girl. My best friend Trisha and I were always hanging out together, and she had an older sister who would let us borrow her records (that is old people talk for CD's kiddies). I remember the first time I heard Frankie goes to Hollywood with the Relax don't do it... they were awesome cool. Culture Club, with that girl singer who sounded like a guy, imagain my surprise. Cindy Lauper with her funky clothes and hair. Wham, that guy still has a nice ass even if he does play with the boys. She had them all and we would spend hours listening to them, and then one day she gives us Duran Duran. Oh how I feel head over heals in love with John Taylor from that moment on I couldn't get enough. I saved my money and bought every album, every magaizine, and every poster I could get my hands on. I had buttons on my jacket, tee shirts with his picture, and my bedroom was a shrine to Duran Duran, mostly John Taylor. Oh how beautiful he was gazing down on me as I looked loving up into is eyes. There was not a place on my walls or ceiling or door that wasn't graced by his presents. My love for him grew, but I had no where else to place his pictures so I started scrapbooking them, lay off I was only about 12 at that point. Then it happened the words moving into a new house well everything was going well I took down my shrine, I would have a bigger room with more space to put up more poster of the love of my preteen years. It wasn't so bad until my dad walked in and discovered that I had used thumb tacks to install every one of the pictures. Well damn straight I did I wasn't going to risk tape ripping them if they ever had to come down, and besides I didn't want to put any wholes in the pictures so I secured them with the plastic edge instead of stabbing them right through my beloved John. Needless to say 3 years of pinning up posters with thumb tacks makes quite a few tiny wholes in the walls of a rented house. Did I say quite a few, ok thousands of tiny wholes. Dad came unhinged and wanted to know why the hell I could do something so stupid, then he wanted to know why mom would let me do something so stupid. Then he felt bad for calling us stupid told me I was never allowed to touch thumb tacks as long as I lived with him and painted the bedroom. Over that summer Trisha moved to Colorado Springs with her family we wrote for many years, but I never saw her again. My love for Duran Duran and John Taylor faded as I grew older and was introducted to new bands like Nikki Sixx, I mean Motley Crue, yeah I had lots of posters of Nikki too, but I had to tape them up. After Heather meantioned Duran Duran I had to do a web search to see if John was still as hot, so Heather tell your mom he does not look like a nerd he is one sexy man!

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