Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Yesterday was busy.

I got up earlier so I could get ready to go to school with the boys. We were actually on time for once, I am always running late in the mornings. We have preschool in our public school, and it is free, but the child attending must have an adult family member do 2 hours of volunteer time a week. So I went to do my time, and I wanted to sit in with David's reading teacher when she had him. He is finally starting to understand reading, which is good. He is still not doing that well in the classroom, there are far to many distractions for him in there. The reading teacher has him all alone so he pays a lot more attention, but he still won't say "I just don't understand this." I was really impressed with Claire, the reading teacher, she does a really good job with them. She teaches him pretty much the same way I do at home, so at least we are on the same page with him, and he is getting it now and that is what is important. He said he liked it when I went to reading with him, and that made me feel really good. Then Cameron decided to he would stay for lunch so I went back to the parent room to finish up some work in there. I had to make some copies so I headed out to the teachers lounge where the copier is, and there is Cam walking down the hall with Davids teacher, and I hear him say "I can't find my mom." So I got him, and took him with me to make my copies and put some things in teachers mail boxes, then he helped me gather up all my work and take it back to the classroom, and he said "I am so glad you found me mom, I thought you didn't want me anymore and left me forever." to which I told him "I will never not want my Cameron. I love you so much." as I choked back tears and grabbed him up into my arms. Kids can break you with a few words, but he made it all better when he wrapped his little arms around my neck and said "I love you so much mom."
So we came home and Steve was here with Colton. We ended up pulling all the tomato plants out front and tilling up that patch of ground so it will be ready next year. Steve and Cam took all the bags of grass from mowing and all my tomato plants to the dump, and Colton, Jake and I went to get David. We got him home fed him some corndogs and dressed him for hockey practice and out the door we all went minus the dog. They will be picking teams on Sunday, and getting things rolling for the real year. David is ready for real practice. He told me he is getting bored with all the "baby stuff". They have about 15 kids who are just learning to skate, so they try to get them steady on their feet before they divide them up into teams.
At this age in hockey when they put them on teams they try to divide the kids who know how to play and the ones who don't so they get all the teams equal in ability. We have a new team rep this year and she has been so great already. I wish we had her last year because there were so many things I missed last year from an unorganized rep. I think that is why she is so organized, because she felt the same way as a first time hockey mom. After hockey we rushed home, did homework, ate dinner and went to bed.

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