Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Debate

I was impressed with our commander and chief last night. He was articulate and well spoken, and managed to keep Kerry on the defensive. I wish he had done as well in the other 2 debates. I think he showed the country that he really does know how to speak in front of a crowd. I thought there were some good questions, and good answers. I appreciate that Kerry did not bring up his "service" and he also reminded the country what a wonderful job Bush did after 911. I thought that Kerry sunk to a new low when he threw Cheney's lesbian daughter into the debate, when they were on the same sex marriage issues, and never really got weather he was for or against it. I thought Bush really got across his reasons for not supporting same sex marriages better than he ever has. I thought Kerry's idealism really stood out when he discussed the ban on automatic weapons, and said that it kept the weapons out of the hands of drug dealers, therefore keeping our police officers safer. What world does he live in? I am sure the criminals were not acquiring any guns the legal way in the first place so it didn't keep anything away from the bad guys. Bush did well when he state that Kerry voted 98 times against cutting taxes. He also did well bring up the recent elections in Afghanistan, and the first voter there was a 19 year old woman. I think that he could have defended himself better against the acquisition of "not caring about Osama Bin laden" Bush did say that, but not in the context Kerry put it. Over all I was glad I watched the debate, I have not been able to watch them, because just looking at John Kerry upsets me so much. I am hopeful that Bush will win this election, I just wish more people could see that John Kerry is a traitor to this country for the way he did things during the Vietnam War. During World War II he would have been treated as a communist, blacklisted and possible tried for his treason, and now we just let him serve as a senator and run for president.

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