Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Is it cold season already?

I have a flipping cold. I woke up yesterday thinking it was allergies, but today my head is completely plugged up and the baby is too. We could have allergies, but my bet would be a cold somehow found it's way into my house and hid itself in my body, but I am a good mom I share with the boys.

Yesterday David decided that he needed to go through his tackle box, so we did. When he dad got home he had to tell his dad about it. It went something like
"Dad I got some walleye hook."
"Wow that is cool bud."
"I even have 3 hookers and if I had $50 I could get a lot more hookers."
Well Steve and I were about on the floor laughing and then Steve being the good father that he is can't help himself and he says "Oh it would probably depend on which Conner you found them on." to which David replies, "If I got them at walmart I could get a lot of 'em huh dad."
By this time I was laughing so hard my side hurt, and I had to leave the room so I didn't hurt his feeling laughing at him. Then I hear Cam tell his dad, "Can you buy me some hookers too dad?"
Steve said to them "You guys are a little young for hookers aren't you?"
David, "No we are really careful dad, because if you get them stuck in your hand it really hurts."
Then they changed the subject to getting a boat. Kids are just to funny especially when they don't try to be.

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