Thursday, October 21, 2004

I am offended.

By now I am sure everyone has heard about the statement Theresa Heinz-Kerry made about the first lady. She actually said "I don't know if she has ever had a real job.” Well putting the fact that Laura Bush was a teacher and a Liberian aside, she has always had a "real job". The woman is a wife and a mother, and that is a real job. I was in total disbelief by that woman's words. She insulted every wife and mother in America. So I choose to stay home and raise my children instead of allowing some stranger to raise them I am somehow less important than someone who has a job outside of the home? I know many women who would love to be able to stay home with their babies instead of having to go to a job everyday. I have made the choice to be here and implement morals and values into my kids, my morals and values not someone else's. I have made the choice to give up the extras we could have if I had a "real job". I think the benefits of raising my own children are far greater than owning 4 wheelers and boats, and all those things. Me being the biggest influence in my boys' lives is worth giving up everything but the basic necessities in life. We don't have to give up to much for me to be here with my kids, but I know a few moms’ that have. I know some moms that have to go to work everyday just to make ends meet, and they don't have the extras either. The thing is that once you are a mother you have a real job weather you go to another job outside the home or not. Raising Children is a lot of hard work and not all of us are in the position to hire a nanny to raise them for us, and not all of us would want someone else raising our children even if we were in that position. I am insulted by that woman’s words, and every mother in America should be insulted by her.

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