Monday, October 18, 2004

What do you want to be for Halloween?

That was the big question we asked our children this weekend. We took a trip to town to finally get David a new coat, which we found right away. He found one at Target that we both agreed was a very nice and cool coat, and he could move around in it. Then we looked at costumes. $26 to $29 for a Halloween get up is just not in my budget. I don't know who would buy a child a $29 outfit they will wear one time, and mostly here in Wyoming their coat is covering it anyway. So I said it is on to walmart where we found nothing. I swear they didn't have anything worth a crap. Cameron wanted to be a devil, that was until he saw an evil picture of a devil and said that was to scary for him. David wanted to be a nijia, did walmart have a nijia costume? No they didn't, but what do you expect from that damn store if they were not so cheap I wouldn't even shop there! So then he decided on a vampire, oh that is good a little face paint some fake teeth and a cape which we found all for about $7. So then Cameron found a cowboy outfit he wanted. I told him I could dress him up like a real cowboy, we have everything at home to do that, but no he wanted the cheap plastic one ok fine there were 400 other people standing in that aisle and I just wanted to get out of there so for $12.95 he got a cowboy outfit. Then David decided he wanted to be a cowboy in a fake plastic outfit too, well do you think they have another cowboy outfit? NO! So the fight was on with David he began throwing a fit. I told him he picked a damn vampire and that was what he was going to be because they didn't have a cowboy outfit; we had already been standing there for about an hour at that point, and still didn't have anything for Colton. I turned to Colton and said "Honey what are you gonna be? Have you found anything yet?" his reply has made him my favorite child, "I don't want to be anything. Halloween is stupid." People get on his nerves as badly as they do mine, and no one was letting him look they kept pushing him out of the way, and we was finding nothing. So this morning while his brothers are at school I believe I will take him to Kmart, and see what he can find there. One of the other moms fighting her way through the crowd with her kids told me they had a better selection there anyway, and they were on sale. That way it will be just him and I and he can look and find something he wants to be, without everyone pushing him out of the way.

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