Thursday, October 28, 2004

The game

Be the President This is kind of a neat little game it is for cable in the classroom. It doesn't take that long to play and is kind of neat for the kids learning about government and how it works.

You get to pick the issues you support and oppose. Which brings me to my post. Capital punishment and prison reform. Now some of you will get a whole new view of me after reading this and some of you will just go well that doesn't surprise me at all.

I think that our prison systems are in need of some drastic changes. Prison is a place your supposed to go when you do something wrong. It is a consequence to breaking the law your freedom is taken away. I believe that prisoners should be allowed a safe place to live while they are doing their time. I also believe that they should do without television, video games, or any of that stuff. They should get the very basic stuff in life. A bed, a shower everyday, use of a toilet when they need it, 3 meals, schooling and a job they don't get paided for, I mean really why should my tax dollar buy their video game, cigarettes, and pay for their cable. They are there to be punished. When I ground my boys, which doesn't happen that often, it is to show them that there is a consequence to their actions and if I allowed them to play with their toys or watch TV then it really isn't teaching them the error of their ways. The same basic thing with the prisons, if they are allowed all this freedom and entertainment it really isn't showing them that there are consequences for their actions. If prison isn't a an awful experience for them then what exactly is it that will keep them from committing the same crimes again and again. If my boys kept throwing rocks through the neighbors house and I said well that is just it you go to your room and watch TV and play video games what did my child learn? That if you throw rocks at the neighbors house mom will let you watch TV and play video games. People getting sent to prison are the same way if it is easy time what does it matter if they go back. I know some of you are thinking but they have to pay for their own cable and stuff. Yes they do a whooping $13.00 a month will get you cable at our women's prison, all the channels too, and they earned that 13 bucks working at a prison job and got paid with my tax dollars, so in a sense I paid for that cable and you paid for that cable. It is just not right and lacks common sense the way our system runs.

Oh yes you know it is coming don't you; I already see some of you cringing because you know what I am about to say. Capital punishment is something I totally agree with. If you have taken someone's life then you don't deserve to keep yours and it is that simple. In fact I think rapists, child molesters, and murderers should all be given the death penalty. If you have that much disregard for another life then you shouldn't get a chance at 24 appeals, and end up costing the tax payers lots and lots of money. You get one appeal and that is it and after that appeal is shot down you go off to the chamber. It is again common sense, it is setting an example, if people understood that murder is punishable by death then we wouldn't see so much of it. I am not idealist about it I know there will always be evil people who have no consideration for the lives of other, and there will always be murderers. Right now a person kills someone and gets to spend their life on death row while we pay for their cable and cigarettes, and they may get out one day. It all comes back to making people responsible for their actions, and if there are little or no consequences for their actions then we should just do away with laws and prisons and live in a society of disorder and chaos.

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