Thursday, September 01, 2005

The mind of a child is a terrible thing to waste!

"Hey, Colton, bring mommy a towel would you?" I yelled from the shower.

"Sure momma!" I heard him say as the pitter patter of his feet run from the living room, where he had been watching nicktoons, to the linen closet.

"Here, mom!" he beamed.

"Thanks, baby! You are awesome cool!" I tell him.

"I take good care of you huh mom! It's just like a dream come true!" he states as he runs back to the television!

He has been a little bored without his brothers around to entertain him all day, and he is ready to start school next Tuesday. I however have enjoyed our time together this week.

Cameron and David are glad to be back at school to play with their friends. Thankfully they have each other. David protects his little brother and Cameron takes care of the things that need taking care of. The first day I sent lunch money with David and the next morning I asked if he turned it in. "oh, no mom I forgot!" so I get the money back from him and give it to Cameron. After school that day I asked if he turned it in.

"Yes mom I gave it to my teacher and I told her it was for lunch for me and David, and to credit half to me and half to David." He is five, but sometimes I think he is much older.

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