Thursday, September 15, 2005

Some parents...

Ok people I am asking, no really I am pleading and begging here. Do not send your little girls to school in Laura Ingals dresses you have hand sewn from old table clothes! I am telling you if you do this your child is the "weird kid" in school, and to 200 other kids it doesn't make any difference that you made all little sally's clothes by hand and you just think she looks so cute in them, and they don't understand that your religion takes up a good chunk of the family income and your to broke to buy her "real" clothes. Come on there are second hand stores all over town that sell pretty good stuff get her some, because the other kids are laughing at her. I am serious it will only harm her social life.

There is a little red haired girl that goes to the boys school. We see her every morning, and today D man tells me "She is weird". I asked him why she was weird and he says "Just look at the way she dresses mom, she's weird" to which Cam says "She is weird mom". I, trying to be a good mom asked if they knew her and they both said "No". Then I asked them how they could know she was weird if they didn't even know her Cam says "Everyone thinks she is weird mom." I tried to explain to them that she couldn't help it and her parents probably made her wear those clothes. David looks at me and gets deeply serious and said "Boy mom I am sure glad you don't make us be the weird kids that no one likes! Some parents just don't have any good sense do they!" "No baby some parents don't have any good sense at all." I said as I kissed the 3 of them goodbye and told them to have a good day trying to hide my giggles until they closed the car door. It was so clear to him that it was not her fault after that.

I am sure the little girl is a normal happy kid, she is always clean and smiling, and I know my boys don't tease her, I asked them they said they just stay away from her, but there are other kids that tease her I am sure of it, and it will only get worse the farther in school she goes. I think I agree with D man some parents just don't have good sense.

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