Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I have to come clean, and some of you may feel differently about me once all this comes out, but that is a chance I'll have to take. There are those of you that will laugh and think "Oh I knew she needed help long ago." I am a little off I will be the first to admit it, but honestly I am not insane. I have this fetish that borders on the edge insane though. I don't know how it started, but it has been going on for years. I don't feel that it has become enough of a problem to seek help, but it does teeter on OCD. Ok I'll just say it I love to buy paper and pens and pencils. No I mean I love it like some women love to buy shoes, or like some men love sports more than sex. I walk by the stationary department of any store and I get excited. I have this need to own more instruments for writing than anyone. I probably already do. I mean how many people do you know that have a drawer full of nothing but pens and then one for pencils, and one for paper. I have colored paper, flowered paper, flag paper, normal notebook paper (3 reams of it still unopened sitting under my desk), cloud paper, Christmas paper, Halloween paper, rainbow paper, pastel colored paper, copy paper. I have a forest of paper. Today I found spiral notebooks 10 for a quarter. I got wet on the spot at that find. I was elated, much more over joyed than one should be over paper. Now I have 75 notebook under my desk, some college ruled and some wide. It's the same with pens, I have gel pens in every color and regular bic pens, and pens of every shape and size, pencils same thing. If you can write with it I own it or think I need it. Some of my pens are only used for certain things, and my favorite pens are kept in a special place so no one gets them. I go into Office Max, and you know most people go in there and look at the electronics and stuff, not me I head for the stationary. It's the happiest place in the world to me, I can spend 4 hours looking at paper, feeling it and touching it, and give me a pen and I love the way it glides over the paper so smoothly it's sensual really, and the things you can create with just a plain piece of paper and a regular old pen... Word thousands and thousands of words, and stories, and just writing my name over and over makes me happy.

Today I got 5 boxes of pencils, 6 packs of pens, 50 notebooks, 14 boxes of markers, and 10 boxes of crayons. I got 5 packs of erasers, 4 pencil sharpener, and a nifty little stapler and 3 boxes of staples. Target had it all at 75% off. I didn't even spend 30 bucks on it all! I was walking on clouds when Colton and I left that store.

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