Friday, September 02, 2005

I am deeply saddened

I am deeply saddened for all of the people left homeless by the hurricane, but for just as much as I am saddened I am baffled.  Anyone who reads often knows that my mom and dad live in Wright, Wyoming.  They had a devastating tornado a few weeks ago, that destroyed over 90 homes.  I know that doesn't sound that bad in comparison to what is going on in the Gulf States, but the population of Wright is only 1400 people that is a lot of homes lost, but that is not where I intend to go with this post, so let me get back on track.  

I really don't know how to say what I am trying to say without just being blunt and to the point and I am sure that is going to offend some of my readers, so be it.  I turn on the news and it seems to be a bunch of people expecting everyone to give them stuff.  I am not saying we should not help them we should, but when I was in Wright after the tornados I was amazed by the fact that the people who where hit the hardest were the ones helping everyone else.  When my mom was talking to the FEMA guy he told her he was amazed at how the people of that one little town pulled together and got things done.  There were people who lost everything making donations to the red cross, the church of Christ was have trouble giving away clothes and other items because people were to proud to take hand outs.  The words were always the same "Oh I don't need charity", and the simple fact was they did, they do.  When you have a family of five and no home you need a little help.  I am not saying that there are not people like that down south, but the majority seems to expect a hand out.  I think that they need to do something instead of setting around at the convention center complaining that the buses have not shown up to get them out.  Start piling up the garbage that is littering the streets in front of you, gather up all the children and do something to entertain them for awhile, get everyone on the same page, have a pray group, whatever just do something instead of crying and complaining.  Start helping yourselves a little bit until other help can get there… and the people who have already been taken to shelters, get yourselves cleaned up and rested up and do something useful instead of sitting around saying poor me I lost everything… well so did everyone else around you.  Go offer to lend a hand in getting other people fed or clothed, find one of those Red Cross people and find out what you can do to make someone else have an easier time of things.   You are all in the same boat; help yourselves and each other, because that is the only way things are going to get better.  

On a side note something that keeps bothering me. Everyone is talking about New Orleans and I know those poor people are suffer beyond belief, but so are people in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida... lets not forget this was not just one town this thing hit the whole gulf coast, and it isn't just the people in New orleans who need help!


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