Thursday, September 08, 2005

School, tooth aches, and dasiy dukes

Colton has loved school. Everyday he is excited that he gets to go with his brothers. I talked to his teacher today, and she said he has done great. He had a minor break down today. Half the class went to the libary and the other half stayed in class and did a project then they switched off and the ones that were doing the project went to the libary... well Colton looked at his teacher and said "Oh I was suppose to go to the libary, it was in our plan." He thought he messed up and when she explained how they were doing it everything was all good again.

I have developed a nasty habit of clenching my teeth and grinding them in my sleep. If you do this you know that it causes great pain in your mouth! My teeth finally feel better today, but the last 2 day I could hardly bite down or anything. I guess will have to break down and go to the dentist and get fitted for one of those mouth guards as this is a problem that I have had in the past that just seems to be getting worse.

There are some things in life you can never prepare for no matter what, today that unpreparedness happened to me and Colton while we were at mini mart getting soda's. .Dasiy Dukes should not be worn by women over 40 that have not taken care of themselves. It is horrifying to see and something I never want to expose my child to again. We walked up and got in line and eye level with Colton was ass. He looked up at me, I looked at him, he reaches up touches her leg and politly tells her "lady I can see your ass checks and that is really gross. People don't want to have to look at that." It was lunch time and the store was packed and I thought the older man behind us was going to fall on the floor he was laughing so hard. The lady simply ignored him, with her cellulite butt checks exposed to the world. He then looked at me and said "Well mom it is gross." to which I said "Yes honey it is. Just don't look." and the lady was no more than a foot away from us so she heard it all. Maybe she will go home and throw those things out. After she left the guy behind us said he wished that adults could just tell it like it is the way children do, because he really wanted to tell her the same thing, and about 10 other people agreed with him

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