Friday, November 05, 2004

Wow what a week.

Last Friday we had Halloween parties at the school. So I went to Cam's in the morning and then D's in the afternoon. They were very nice parties, and Colton got to march in the little classroom parade so he was very happy.

Sunday we were getting ready for Hockey, and it was snowing and cold. I asked David where his shoes were. "I don't know mom." "Where is your coat?" "I don't know."
Then I remember he had been playing outside on Sat. "David are your shoes and coat outside?"
"No mom they are in the van." he says as he is making a beeline for the front door, and I am stomping to the back door. It was no surprise to me that laying in the back yard almost covered with fresh snow was a coat, a brand new coat. I spun around quickly thinking I might just choke him this time, he will strip down naked out there and just leave his clothes laying out there until I find them, but then it happened in mid spin my knees buckled and there went my back. "God damnit." I screamed as I clinched my fists and my face contorted into something I can only imagine as evil. Steve looked at me and took off down the stairs to retrieve the missing items thinking I might have finally reached the end of my sanity, and I may kill them all at any minute. David started pleading for his life telling me his brothers must of taken it outside, and all I can say is "get in the van." He was out the door like a rocket. I thought about telling them I needed to go to the ER, but then they were all behaving so well because they thought that they had finally drove me over the edge that I sat silently on the ride to the rink. Once there however it all ended because I couldn't feel my left leg at all, and the pain shooting down my right leg about had me in tears. I managed to get out and hobble to the door. Then Sunday night we went trick or treating, I love going with the boys, so I went. About 4 houses up I told Steve I had to go get the van, so that is what I did. I drove with my window down and watched my little guys trick or treat. Colton was so funny. He was a pooky doest, or in adult spooky ghost. He found some girls that must have been about 11 or 12 to chase around this car "BOOing" at them. It was funny. Then he would get to the door and say "Trick or treat, I'n a pooky doest...BOO." He got more candy then anyone, and he didn't want to quit he was having such a good time. Cam in all his logic decided that it is just as fun to go to walmart and buy your own damn candy, and a whole lot less cold that way too. David ran into one of his school friends and they proceeded to stand at one ladies door trading candy out of their bags as she was trying to put candy in. Monday morning I barely got out of bed, I had the Ozzy walk going on, you know hunched over shuffling my feet along an inch at a time. Thankfully Steve got to stay home with me for 2 whole days.
Well that is enough for now I suppose.

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