Monday, November 08, 2004

Their coming to take me away heehee hoho

Well it won't be long before I am committed to a little padded cell, and at this point I really am looking at it rather as a little vacation than a place for crazy people. This morning we were hunting coats so we could go to school, and we can't find Davids coat, it wasn't in the house, not in the back yard, not in the van. It has vanished from sight. I say to him, "Now think really hard where was the last place you had it." He thinks for a minute lets out a big sigh and says "I had it on the play ground".

Great the play ground, we had a 4 day weekend so this would have been Wednesday of last week that he "had it on the play ground." I hand him a jacket, kiss him, and tell him "find your coat" as I push him out of the van toward the playground! I pick him up early because we had to go to the airport and get his granny, and he wanted to go with us. Well I go in gather him up, get his jacket, his backpack, and sign him out. We check the lost and found no coat we check the office no coat! The coat is gone, and I tell him, "well that was a brand new coat David, and your not getting another one!" to which this child replies, "I know mom because I would just lose it too."

We proceed to the airport, get mom, and head to lunch at the village inn. She went to see my baby sister in St. Louis MO., so she gives us all the details of the trip and daddy about falls asleep in his dinner, because he worked all night and had not been to bed. We decided to forgo any shopping mom needs to do until Sunday when she comes back to town. She gives David his new hockey skates, Hespelers, she found for $9.95 on clearance in St. Louis. They were marked down from 79.95 so that was a really good deal. Then her and daddy load up and to head home, which is 90 miles from here.

We start the journey home as well, and as we are passing the school I see like 10 coats on the playground. I said "David do you think that one of those are yours?" "Yes." he says somberly. I stop the van and tell him "You go look through all those coats and see if one of them is yours." "Will you come with me mom?" he says. "No David you need to do it yourself." I tell him as he is getting out. He runs to not the first coat or the 2nd one, but to a group of coats at the far end of the playground, he throws them around and grabs one and runs to the van yelling "I FOUND IT MOM, I FOUND IT!!!" When he gets back I check the coat to make sure it is indeed his, as I have written his name in it, and sure enough it was. I am amazed not because we found his coat, but because he knew exactly where he had left it and never thought to look there to begin with!

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