Monday, November 22, 2004

Sore throats

I don't know what is up, but the boys are all getting the damn sore throats again. They were just getting over them and now they are getting this crap all over again. I am thinking about getting the dogs a throat culture to see if they are carrying it around and giving it back to us. I have always gotten sore throats. I have overly large tonsils that should have come out when I was little. Luckily only Colton has the huge tonsils, but all the boys seem to be like me when it comes to picking up sore throat germs. They have all been exposed to chicken pox more than once and not one of them got one bump, but someone with a sore throat comes within 50 yards of us and we get it.
I am sure that the boys are probably picking it up at school, I see a lot of snotty noses and coughing kids when I pick up mine. School is worse than the hospital for picking up germs!
I have been trying to get my house cleaned for the holidays. I am actually trying to get all the crayon off the walls and shampoo the carpets, which is really useless with 3 kids and 3 dogs! I still need to wash out my cupboards and clean my oven, and clean out the fridge, so I better get back to work!

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