Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Sorry for the delay

I have screwed up my back, so moving is nearly impossible. About 2 years ago I herniated 3 disks in my lower back while we were elk hunting, and I reinjured them sunday, so don't blame me if this post doesn't make sense blame the vicoden. I am still not sure why I am taking the pills they make me tired and loopy, but do nothing for the pain. I am not suppose to pick up anything more than 5 lbs, I have 3 little boys who always want me to pick them up so I don't know when I will heal. Thankfully Steve has been home to take care of me. He drove me to vote yesterday. I am walking better this morning than I have all week, so Steve went back to work today. Well kiddies I am off to lay down sitting in this chair kills me.

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