Sunday, November 14, 2004

Hockey baby Hockey.

The players lined up anxiously awaited the zamboni to leave the ice. The normal chatter amongst players was nonexistent as I made my way to the stands. I found my seat as the door to the rink opened letting 30 some 4 to 6 year olds on the ice. Woohoo its hockey my friends, no not the NHL this is much better than any professional game you will ever watch; this is mini might hockey, and they are playing their first game of the season!

They skate around the rink warming up, the D man skates past the window where we are, and giving us the little head nod and smile that said “don’t worry mom we are going to kick ass and I am going to get my first hat trick.” That is all he talked about all week was getting that hat trick (3 goals in a game for the non-hockey readers), and his granny came to town to watch him get it. The teams both head to the bench get their line up and take the ice for the face off. The D man is left wing, the center hit the puck and D takes off after it getting to it first, he passes it off to another teammate who takes it to the net woohoo score for the Orange team! Face off the D man again is the first one to the puck and he skates passed everyone, looks at the goalie and slams it into the net. Then they have a line change, they have line changes every 2 minutes in USA mini mites.

They only had nine kids on their team so they end up with a lot of ice time in each game, which is good the more they play the better they get. It was David’s turn again the Red team took the puck and scored against us, a little girl who was on D’s team last year actually, so I had to cheer for her cause she is an awesome little thing. They face off, puck hits the ice and an Orange team kid takes off with it shoots misses, red and orange fight it out for the puck, red hits it out from behind the net. The D mans eyes never left the puck he skated up and stopped it. He looked around and slammed that puck, I thought oh he is gonna miss, “go in go in” mom and me are screaming. WOOHOO granny jumps up and down and I am beaming with pride as he scored his second goal. There is only one period of 13 minutes left, and the next two line changes David is stuck in defense, because he already scored and they try to give everyone a chance to score, he only got one more chance to get his hat trick the last minute of the game. He got the puck and away he went and BUZZ time is up.

He was excited his team won the game, but he really wanted that hat trick. He told me, I will just have to get hat tricks in ever game from now on mom.

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