Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wow it's already Wednesday

I don't know what happened to Monday and Tuesday, they have gone missing. Actually I know what happened to them, but they are just a blur. Monday morning we woke up and David and Cameron were both excited because they had valentine day parties. It is at this point, 15 minutes before school started that I remember I forgot to buy them the valentines day cards for their classmates. So I get them to school, come home jump in the shower, throw some clothes on me and Colton and we speed to the store to get some, we grab 2 boxes off the clearance table and pay for them. We then rush back to the school, sign in at the office run to the parent work room, and franticly begin filling out cards. I had about 2 minutes to spare until Cam class started handing them out. I threw his at him ran across the hall and gave David his, and then I went and helped Cam's class with their little party. They had ice cream Sundays and I got to spray the ready whip on the top. I managed to get more on me and the kids than in the bowls, so the kids thought I was great.
Yesterday I spent the day looking at trucks with mom. We test drove one with heated seats, and I now want a truck with heated seats, man that was a nice truck. We did our usually Wal-mart trip, and I found a new coat for Cameron that was 5 bucks. It is really ugly, but for 5 dollars who cares what it looks like. Then we had to rush to the school to get David. When we got home my sister called, she calls me on her way home for work so I can drive home with her. She called while I was in the middle of trying to fix the DVD player, the boys got Shark Tales for their V-day present and then the damn DVD player went to hell so they can't watch it. So I managed to fix the VCR part of it, which has not worked in about a year, but the DVD's still won't play. Steve walked in about 5:45 and said "why didn't you guys go to hockey?" I forgot David had hockey, plan just spaced it out. He has 4 days of tournament this weekend though so that will make up for it! Then Steve hands me his checkbook for his work stuff, he keeps it separate, his travel expenses and that kind of stuff, and it is 200 short. I looked and looked for about 2 hours and finally found a deposit that the bank didn't show, and now Steve can actually get a room and something to eat tonight.
So today I am getting caught up on my blog reading, maybe it will be a quiet day.
David had a hockey game last Sunday, he played awesome and scored 4 goals, he was stoked about that. Cameron will get his stitches out on Friday.

Oh I just got a call from the people who did the assessment on David and they have set up a meeting for next wednesday! I am curious as to what they are going to say. Hopefully they don't irritate me to badly or I may yank them all out of school right then and there!

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