Thursday, February 10, 2005

tired of strep throat

Tuesday night we went to hockey practice, then we had to rush from there to get David to his school program. It was so cute his little group sang a song "Mousie in the snow". David wouldn't look at me while he was on stage. He just stood up there and pretended he didn't even know who I was! Could be because I was teasing him, making faces and sticking out my tongue at him, he didn't even crack a smile! So we got home from all of that and ate dinner then I got the boys to bed. At about 1 in the morning Colton woke up crying and having terrible pain in his stomach. He finally went felt a little better and went back to sleep about 3 and I laid with him to keep an eye out for fevers or anything. He woke up again about 6 and he said his throat hurt, so I knew it was strep, strep causes stomach pain in some children. So I took him to the Dr. and got him some meds. Now I am waiting for the other 2 to come down with it again. This will be like the 4th time this winter and I am so tired of it. I m trying to think who we have been around everytime we get it, but I can't remember what happened yesterday much less what happened a month ago!

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