Wednesday, February 02, 2005

OH the joy

Every mother needs a place to go for 15 minutes of quiet time, a place to regroup and get herself together. Well my place is the bathroom, it is the only room with a lock on the door in our house. I enjoy waiting until Steve gets home from work going in locking the door and taking my shower. I have missed a closed door between me and the world while I am in the shower, our downstairs bathroom is not finished yet either, and there are no walls up yet, so the boys sit on the stairs and talk to me while I am in there unless I wait until late at night, and by that time it is just to freaking cold down there to enjoy the quiet time. Well I can brush my teeth in our new bathroom now instead of standing at the kitchen sink, for those of you that have never brushed your teeth in the kitchen try it, it is strange! I will be able to shower in there as soon as the caulking dries, 48 hours, the tube said, and I will be able to get up in the middle of the night and use the toilet without having to find my glasses to trudge down the stair into the cold basement, by the time I get back into bed it takes 30 minutes to warm back up! We would have put the toilet in last night, but we didn't have the wax ring and the hardware stores were closed when we got to that point! Soon very very soon I will feel like a normal human again and I am so happy!

This is what it use to look like. I hated those ugly yellow walls, but keep putting off painting them because Steve keep telling me he wanted to remodel it.

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