Tuesday, February 22, 2005


The past four days are still a blur, we were up early and down late. Well actually we had a practice on Friday, and then the games started on Sunday. This is our big tournament of the season, the kids usually play in house teams, but this past weekend was the Cowboy State Games. Teams from Rock Springs, Gillette, Douglas, and we had 2 teams for Casper this year the yellow, and of course the orange, David's team. I was really happy with the match up this year all the teams were pretty equal and evenly matched. Last year we had one team that ranged in age from 6 all the way to 9, which was really unfair considering our oldest kids were 6 and youngest were 4. Our first game was against Rock Springs, last year they played their little hearts our and took last place, they beat us by one point this year and went on to beat everyone else by a lot more. Then we played our own yellow team which is made up of kids David has played hockey with for the last 2 years. It was an early morning game and David just didn't skate very hard, he wasn't awake and just did not even try hard. So when he got off the ice I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. So mom gave him a little pep talk that went something like this "David you need to try your best out there. I am not going to fork out all this money for you to play hockey if your not going to work hard and play your very best every game." Which seemed to work really well he played the next two games and he was all over the puck, and he just skated well, he didn't manage to score any goals, but he played awesome defense and stopped the other team from scoring everything he was out there. When he came off the ice after the 2nd games I told him I was proud of him for skating hard and trying his best, he said but I didn't score a goal mom. I felt like a mean mom at that point, because he didn't get what I was trying to tell him earlier. So I took him in my arms and squeezed him up and explained to him that I didn't care if he scored any goals as long as he was out there playing hockey and not visiting his buddies and spinning circles and laying on the ice like he had been doing in the first game that morning. He played even harder the next game. They managed to come away with the 2nd place metal this year, which is one place better than last years metal. All in all it was a good weekend of hockey, and by the time we got home last night I was wore out it takes a lot out of you to cheer your team on 3 times in one day! David was so tired he could barely move and was in bed by 7:45 without a fight! Now it is off to school, and if I don't get them moving we are gonna be late!

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