Friday, November 18, 2005

Til death do us part

Standing in the Walmart line yesterday I struk up a conversation with the lady behind me. I ofen do that, talk to strangers, but that is a different post. This was a pleasent woman, who because I talked to her felt compelled to share her live story with me. She must of been about 29 maybe 30. She has 2 kids one was 6 and the other almost 9. Then she starts telling me that she is on this diet and she has lost 12 or 15 pounds already. I am standing there nodding and saying things like good for you. She could have stood to lose 30 or 40 pounds, but she wasn't obese by any means. We talked about diets for awhile and work outs... Then she says with a venomus hiss that she hates her kids for making her fat! I just stared that blank stare at her. I being a big girl have no one to blame for the added weight except myself. Sure after the kids were born and I started staying home I gained a lot of weight, but in no way did my kids force me to eat 3 cookies to their every one. The boys never held me down and shoved food into me. I did that all by myself and would never hold my children responsible for that. I think I was most shocked at her seriousness. I think she really did blame her children and she really did hate them for it. I wanted to say so many things to that hateful woman, but I couldn't. I wanted to tell her that eating is what made her fat, and laziness, and I wanted to tell her that I would raise her children for her if she hated them so much. Then she started telling me about her marriage and how misserable she was and that if she didn't lose weight her husband was going to leave her. At that point I just felt sorry for her. What kind of man abuses his wife, the woman he is suppose to love and cherish above all others, that way. I am sure that the husband is the one responsible for making a mother resent her children. I can only imagain the horrible things he has told her. Things like "Before you had kids your ass wasn't that big." and "Before you had the kids you took care of yourself." Steve would never in a million years tell me he was going to leave me because I am fat. He loves me no matter what. Oh sure some days he would like to choke me, but that is being married and living with someone for the rest of your life, and has nothing to do with added weight. I was angery by the time I left walmart. I was angry at the husband for destroying this womans relationship with her children, and for being so cruel to his wife, but mostly I was angery at the woman for letting it happen.

and this was just to good not to share. It came in an email from my sister.

A Somalian arrives in Minneapolis as a new immigrant to the United States. He
stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says,
"Thank you Mr. American, for letting me in this country, and giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care and free education!" But the passer-by says
"You are mistaken, I am Mexican.

The man goes on and encounters another passer-by. "Thank you for
having such a beautiful country here in America!" The person says "I no
American, I Vietnamese."

The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops,
shakes his hand and says "Thank you for wonderful America!"
That person puts up his hand and says "I am from Middle East, I am
not an American!"

He finally sees a nice lady and asks suspiciously, "Are you an
She says, "No, I am from Russia!" So he is puzzled, and asks her,
"Where are all the Americans?" The Russian lady looks at her watch, shrugs,
and says:

"Probably at work!"

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