Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The list

I am actually enjoying a few minutes of me time this morning. We have been so busy around here there is no time for blogging, no time for reading and barely anytime to watch the AVS play a game! Sunday we had Cam's practice, then we went to the store, got home fed the boys some lunch, went back to the ice rink for David's game, came home fed the boys, and went to bed. Then yesterday I went to school with the boys and worked with the Kindergarten class, picked up Colton, came home and did some laundry that I was behind in from running all weekend, the boys got home, we had David's school program, which he was very unhappy about. He hates doing those school programs I even got an "I hate you for making me go", and he only uses that when he is really pissed off. After the program we came home whipped up some sloppy joes and I finally ate at 8 o'clock. Dinner seems to be an 8 o'clock thing around here more often than not. Tonight we have practice for Cam, David has a game, I have a meeting about the jamboree coming up the 9th of December, and then I have to come home make dinner and feed the boys. Thankfully there is no school tomorrow. Wednesday will be spent cleaning the kitchen so I can cook Thursday, unless of course Steve won't be home on Thursday then we will postpone Thanksgiving dinner until Sat. This seems to be a typical week for us lately. Now I am done with me time and off to get Colton from school!
Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

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